Diagnostics in our ENT office


Ultrasonics allow for a pain- and radiation-free examination of various structures in the neck and head region. Especially the organs of the neck such as lymph nodes, salivary glands, larynx, vessels and thyroid can be illustrated by this imaging technique.  In the area of the facial bones the base of the mouth and the tongue, the facial soft tissues and to a limited extend - the paranasal sinuses can be assessed.

Sonographic units technique

Our sonographic unit is equipped with Doppler- and colour-coded Doppler sonography. In this way vascular constrictions and vascular obliterations of the neck and brain vessels can be recognised a commonly occurring cause of vertigo and disturbances of equilibrium.

Examined separately on both sides are

- A sublavia with the passing of A vertebralis
- A carotis communis
- A carotis externa
- A carotis interna
- A vertebralis skullbase
- A basilaris
- A cerebri media