Diagnostics in our ENT office

Sleep school in Dortmund

In the sleep school a team of Dip. REHA-, recreation teachers, psychologists at Dr. Eitner look after your sleep problems. Sleep disturbances are that multifarious, that meanwhile more than 80 diagnoses are known. A great problem are the commonly occurring difficulties to fall asleep and to sleep through the night. Before an appropriate therapy thorough information on the normal physiologic sleep and its disturbances is advised.

Group Discussion and Individual Consulting

- Information on the physiologic sleep (principles / biologic rhythms / circadian rhythm / sleep stages)
- level scheme of diagnostics of sleep disturbances (sleep screening, sleep laboratory)
- definition of the disturbed sleep, presentation of the most important sleep disturbances, especially of the sleep disturbances without organic causes
- overview of therapeutic possibilities, sleep hygiene, soporifics, etc. (alternative possibilities are discussed, too: feng shui, electric smog)
- insight into sleep relaxation training (behavioural therapeutic approaches) by means of biofeedback, neurofeedback
- introduction of relaxation exercises and their implementation (autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, qi gong, tai chi, yoga, mindfulness training etc.)
- anti-stress training
- capacity building: discussion group with development of individual hints for the improvement of sleep by means of questionnaires of single participants