Diagnostics in our ENT office

Olfactory test

Different test solutions are separately offered to the patient from test phials. The solutions are to be recognised and, if possible, specified, which is not easy even with an undisturbed olfactory function. An olfactoric disturbance may originate from a nose whose olfactory cells are unable to smell in case of e. g. polyposis or a heavy deviated nasal septum.

After usage of decongestant spray the test results are often enhanced. After accidents in which the head was involved and after heavy viral infections the axonal fibres themselves may be persistently damaged, so that one may expect a limited recovery of the olfactory sense.

Only pure olfactorius substances as well as irritants (trigeminal irritation) are tested.

Gustatory test

To test the gustatory sense test solutions of the four qualities of taste are applied onto the tongue. There the taste is to be discerned and recognised. Not only damages of the gustatory nerves can result in a gustatoric disturbance, but an impairment of the olfactory sense is often perceived as a gustatory disturbance as well, because the olfactoric impression, which complements the tasting, is missing.