As an ENT specialist

ENT diseases

Health problems linked with the head and the neck, including the respiratory tract, the oral cavity, the pharynx, the larynx, the nose, the ears and the esophagus rate among the most frequently sick or mutated regions in children and adults. In case you assume a change in you or in your relatives in these regions, you should not hesitate to contact your general practitioner or an ENT specialist.

He or she will refer you, if necessary, to diagnostic radiology with image technique for further clarification of the causes of the health problems. In the radiology a variety of examination techniques are on hand, whose usage might help find clarification of the causes of your health problems, spot extension of changes and contribute to an ideal therapy of dysfunctions and diseases. In the following we will introduce the image techniques which are most frequently used in causes of dysfunctions in the region of the head and the neck.

ENT diseases (abstract)

- Acoustic Neuroma
- Allergies (food allergy, pollen allergy)
- Burnout syndrome
- CMD - Craniomandibular Dysfunction
- Burnout syndrome
- Loss of smell or/and taste, dysfunction of smell or/and taste
- Disturbances of equilibrium
- Hoarseness
- Histamine intolerance
- Sudden deafness
- Loss of hearing
- Paralysis of the mimic musculature
- Halitosis (bad breath)
- Nose bleed
- Nasal polyp
- Paradontitis
- Sleep disturbances
- Swallowing disorders
- Snoring
- Sleep apnoea
- Vertigo
- Language disorder, dysarthria
- Tinnitus
- Tumours in ENT regions


- Swimmers ear
- Laryngitis
- Middle ear inflammation
- Pharyngitis
- Sinusitis
- Salivary glands inflammation
- Tonsillitis


- Disc prolapse
- Mandibular joint afflictions
- Headaches, neck pain
- Migraine
- Ear ache
- Trigeminal neuralgia - face ache