ENT specialist in Dortmund

Dr. med. Fritz Eitner

As a private medical specialist office we are at our patients´ disposal to all "ENT"-associated topics diseases and disorders of the ear, the nose and the throat. You find us in the centre of Dortmund (on Lindemannstrasse, in the Westfalencenter, in the vicinity of the Westfalendamm and the Kreuzviertel).

Job title

Specialist in Otolaryngology (ENT = Ear, Nose, Throat)

Additional qualifications

Acupuncture, medical assessment, sleep medicine, diving medicine, tinnitus retraining, environmental medicine, traffic medicine

Vita Dr. med. Fritz Eitner

1973 - 1985
Study of Medicine & Chemistry Studies
1982 - 1987
Research assistant of Prof. Dr. Otto, pathology department Staedt. Kliniken Dortmund, scientific research as qualitative and quantitative proof of asbestos in the human body, scientific publications
Registration as a doctor
1986 - 1987
Intern surgery St. Josefhospital, Dortmund Hoerde
1987 - 1991
Intern ENT, Staedt. Kliniken Dortmund
Examination: Specialist in Otolaryngology, establishment as an ENT specialist in Dortmund, Koerner Hellweg
Establishment of an ambulant sleep laboratory
Establishment of a TCM department in Dortmund, Wittekindstr. 30
Relinquishment of the status a registered general practitioner, move to Wittekindstr. 30 - focus of diagnosis and therapy: allergology, tinnitus, otology/neurotology (nerve pathway disorders affecting hearing and balance), all forms of sleep disturbances, TCMA
since 2002
ENT consultant INI Hanover (International Neuroscience Institute)
Establishment of a "sleep school" (focus on sleep hygiene, learning of methods of relaxation: progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, Qi Gong, tai chi) with assistance of S. Thiele (Qualified Psychologist), J. Hermann (Qualified Rehab Therapist) and J. Wang M.D.
Move of office to Lindemannstrasse 79 with existing team