Expertising by ENT specialist

Diving medical expertising

About 50% of all diving accidents can be ascribed to medical reasons. Many divers are at an endangered age or persue a stressful profession. They are looking forward to a certain goal like e. g. diving, forgetting that they are not trained any more. Diving excursions may take place in regions in which the medical care does not satisfy our expectations. Fitness assessments are performed relatively immediately before the holidays, so that examination results, which would not allow diving, cannot be treated in sufficient time. Unfortunately there are diving physicians at the holiday resort attesting all the are asked for.

The purpose of the diving fitness examination is the prevention of both diving accidents and damages of the diver´s health. Within the context of diving fitness advice can be given how to perform diving more unproblematically. The diving fitness examination should be performed by an experienced diving physician and according to the guidelines of the "Gesellschaft fuer Tauch- und Ueberdruckmedizin (GTUM)".

Due to many years of diving experience I am in the position to assess which health restrictions are of importance and what you can do under water with minor restrictions. Your diving fitness examination is not only medically sensible to  identify diseases, which are incompatible with diving, but is also a chance to get advice and knacks to keep clear of diving accidents and problems.