ENT specialist in Dortmund

Diagnostics in our office

ENT medicine deals with diseases, injuries and their consequences and dysfunctions of the ears, the upper respiratory tract, the oral cavity, the pharynx, the larynx, the windpipe, the esophagus, i. e. problems of the head and the neck. The focus of the ENT office headed by Dr. Eitner comprises the diagnosis and therapy of:

- health problems in the complete structures of the head and the neck
- hearing and balance disorders, ear noise (tinnitus)
- craniomandibular dysfunctions (CMD)
- mandibular joint problems
- allergies and their cross allergies
- sleep problems

Furthermore, there is consulting with reference to the following topics:

- environmental medical problems
- diving medical GTM fitness tests
- traffic medical consulting and tests

As clinical diagnostics various forms of diagnostic sonography in 2, 3 levels are performed. As a therapy of pathological medical findings concepts according to guidelines of the Scientific Medical Expert Association (AWMF) as well as forms of traditional Chinese medicine are realized.

Overview of diagnostics

- Allergy diagnosis and therapy
- Audiology
- Diagnostics of vertigo
- Olfactory & gustatory tests
- Snoring & sleep apnoea
- Sonography
- Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)