Diagnostics in our ENT office

Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD)

The upper cervical vertebra and the mandibular joint form a functional unified whole. From the cervical spine there are numerous links to the spinal cord, to the hearing and balance nucleus, to the nerval nucleus for the pharyngeal muscles, to the pain nerves of the head, the neck in the brainstem, cerebellum.

Craniomandibular dysfunctions in the mandibular joint, the cervical spine, the muscles of the neck are amongst other things and especially in case of pre-existing defects triggered by stressors in today´s world of work. At night there is an overload of the structures mentioned above caused by jaw clenching and bruxism. This overload may cause health problems ranging from persistent, sometimes recurring forms of headache and sore throat, aches in the region of the cervical spine, the shoulder, the lumbar spine, the pelvis to trouble in the knee joint and the ankle.

Afflictions such as stupor, concentration disorders, specific forms of hearing disorders and disturbances of equilibrium, tinnitus, swallowing disorders, functional dysphonia, sleep disturbances may appear, too. By means of specific examinations of these dysfunctions targeted measures can be initiated.