Diagnostics in our ENT office

Allergy diagnostics and therapy

The allergological diagnosis in ENT medicine is mostly linked to the inhalation allergens, such as grass and rye pollen, the pollen of early, medium and late flowering trees, mildew, house dust mites as well as allergens of animal hair and downs and feathers.

By examining the nose and its allergically changed mucosa the ENT specialist can make the first allergy diagnosis and confirm this diagnosis by a so-called prick test.

Immunological examination and hyposensibilization

Allergic problems breathing through the nose is confirmed by spraying a specific concentration onto the mucosa and the following reaction on the mucosa ("Rinomanometrie"). In case of ambiguity concerning the diagnosis immunological examinations are performed.

Next to allergen avoidance and the medical treatment of the allergy according to a step-by-step plan there is the possibility to perform a casual therapy by hyposensibilization. This hyposensibilization can be carried out either by mouth at home or by injections in the office.

Examinations on histamine intolerance, lactose intolerance and fructose intolerance are performed as well and therapy concepts are realized. Furthermore, we offer insecticide hyposensibilization.

More information on allergy diagnostics

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